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If you are purchasing a Gift Certificate, please consider gratiuity included in your payment.  The gift is always nice for your recipient to leave the Santi Sacred Sedona session without having to worry about any additional cost.

Consider purchasing a Santi Sacred Sedona Energy Healing Massage package.  You will receive a FREE energy healing massage therapy session  ....  *please see Rates.Hours.Reasons  ....  a wondrous gift for someone special, especially YOURSELF!

 So many Holidays and Reasons to UNWIND and UNRAVEL!  


Just Imagine . . . .

Freedom from your uptight self is just a touch, breath, stretch and movement away!


"Create a change in the world,  starting with yourself  ....  If everyone experienced a radical relaxation Santi Sacred therapy on a regular basis,  there is sure to be more peace shared within our planet, less tension and anger because peace is created from within  ....  Eliminating the dis-ease (thru the Santi Sacred),  possibly otherwise manifesting into disease!"
~ Luana Joya Lucia,  Your Santi Sacred Sedona Healing Arts Practitioner 

*** REFUNDS:  

As a policy, I do not give refunds.  If you purchase a package and or sessions, you fully agree to use them because you were either highly recommended by someone or inspired by a powerful testimony or you experienced this moving experience for yourself.  If you personally choose not to use them,  you have the opportunity to gift them to someone else in the family, circle of friends or business associates.